40 Years: The End Of An Era
April 11, 2017

As the years ticked by and the live music landscape changed, it was time for Dee Why Hotel to adapt. In 2007, they closed their doors and underwent a three year multi-million-dollar development that included a new hotel and bottle shop, shopping centre, commercial offices and residential apartments.

In August, 2010, it was reborn into a vibrant, eclectic bar that focused on intimate live soloist performances, a stand-out brasserie menu and a buzzy bar experience. It was important that the new Dee Why Hotel maintained its heritage and authenticity. Today, the hotel is more famously known for the ‘beaches best burgers’, as well as having the biggest range of beers with over 100 different options to choose from. It’s a destination venue for sports fanatics who can always catch their favourite games live on the big screens.

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