The 12 Beers of Christmas!
December 7, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and we love celebrating the holidays with a nice cold beer! In fact, the art of holiday beer drinking may be one of the worlds oldest Christmas traditions!

So to help you satisfy your thirst and your Christmas spirit, we’ve put together 12 of our favourite beers to try this festive season!


1. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Inspired by the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.


2. Little Creatures IPA

You can expect an aroma of passionfruit, grapefruit and a touch of aniseed spice. A smooth round palate, which is soft in the middle, delivers a long bitter finish that leaves you wanting a little more.


3. Coopers Session Ale

Displays citrus aromas, subtle fruity overtones, mild bitterness and the estery flavours of Coopers Ale yeast and is brewed using the same secondary fermentation process as all Coopers Ales.


4. White Rabbit Dark

Rich and flavoursome, yet ever refreshing, this malt driven ale is beautifully balanced by an aromatic lift of hops. Subtle fruit derived from open fermentation complements a strong backbone of toffee and chocolate, all bound together by a reassuring bitterness.


6. Pirate Life IIPA

Bursting with citrus aromas and belting you in the back palate with hop bitterness. Fortunately all that action is balanced by a strong hop base and what they call “fun juice”; that is, alcohol.


5. Fat Yak Pale

Impresses with its golden colour, distinctive, hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes, followed by a hit of hop flavour at the finish. The taste is refreshingly clean on the palate.


7. Young Henrys Newtowner

Made with a blend of English and Australian malts, as well as three varieties of local hops to make it fun, fruity and even a little bitter – just like Newtown


8. Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale

Fire Rock Pale Ale is a copper-coloured ale made from roasted malts and a selection of premium hops. With a Hawaiian style, Fire Rock is smooth, yet bold in both flavour and aroma.


9. 4 Pines ESB

A robust, full flavoured English ale displaying deep coppery amber hues. Fresh herbal hop aromas prelude a rich and complex body of toffee and raisin malt sweetness, balanced with a firm bitterness.


10. Fox Hat Metric IPA

Simple resinous pine and fruit aromas, measuring up to your IPA expectations in your mouth – Be prepared to cop a full-on bitterness rating of 80 metric IBUs.


11. Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Steam beers were originally lagers brewed at the warmer ale temperatures, aiming to deliver the best of both worlds. They’ve done their own spin however, by fermenting an ale yeast cooler to arrive at the same place, but via a different route. The result is a crisp, seasonable beer, fresh and full of fruity and tropical characters.


11. Nomad “freshie” Salt and Pepper

A favourite in the NOMAD range, super refreshing Gose made with seawater and Tasmanian pepper berry.


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