How to Drink Like the Royal Family
June 5, 2017

Raise a toast to The Queen this June long weekend with a drink even the monarch herself would approve of.

While we’re celebrating with an assortment of British delights, you might like to try including the Queen’s favourite drink, a Dubonnet Cocktail. She also drinks wine with lunch, and sips a dry martini and a glass of champagne in the evening.

If a dry martini doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other ways to make a toast and drink like a royal this long weekend!


The Duke of Edinburgh

If you like to keep things plain and simple, then Prince Philip’s drink of choice is for you – beer! Apparently, his go to is a bottle of Boddingtons. You can’t get more British than that.


The Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla’s favourite way to unwind is with a refreshing glass of gin & tonic. Rumour has it, it’s the first thing she requested after meeting with Prince William to talk about her relationship with his father!


The Prince of Wales

It appears the love of a martini runs in the Royal Family! Prince Charles likes to throw back a couple of these, however, his favourite is made with equal parts gin and equal parts vermouth.


The Duke of Cambridge

In Prince William’s college days, he wouldn’t say no to a Stella Artois or a Sambuca shot. He’s also known to sip on a £135 ‘Treasure Chest’ cocktail from Mahiki nightclub. These days he’s a lot tamer and enjoys a nice Guinness or two.


The Duchess of Cambridge

According to friends, Kate’s favourite drink is called a ‘Crack Baby’, a delicious cocktail from local hot spot ‘Boujis.’ It consists of vodka, raspberry liquor, passionfruit and champagne. Yum! She also likes a splash of our old mate Jack Daniel’s too.


Prince Henry of Wales

We all know Prince Harry doesn’t shy away from a drink or two. Not only does he enjoy a glass of Ciroc Ultra Vodka, he’s also guilty of downing a few vodka Red Bulls!

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