Brad From Scotch & Smoke Shares His 6 Secret Herbs & Spices!
September 27, 2018

Brad Johnston, the ultimate BBQ Pitmaster from Scotch & Smoke, gives us the low-down (or in this case the rub-down) on how to best dress pork for your next spring Soiree!

Brad is the ultimate BBQ Pitmaster from Scotch & Smoke as well as the Burger Creator mastermind behind some of the Dee Why Hotel’s classic burgers (think the Zeus burger, General Sanders and the all-time crowd favourite, and permanent menu fixture, the Trufflenator!).

Brad is sharing with us some of his 6 secret herbs and spices, to make sure your protein absolutely sings at your next spring get-together or BBQ!

Brad explains that the whole point of applying a rub when cooking a secondary cut of meat, which should be over a low and slow wood fire wherever possible, is to
“A, create a flavour profile to complement the protein (in this case pork), and
B, create a bark!”, this is the crusty flavour packed outside of the barbecued protein.

One of Brad’s favourite rubs for pork shoulder is a simple medley that offers both savoury and sweet flavours on the palate. This rub is so easy to put together, and will pack a real flavour punch to your pork BBQ.

In a mixing bowl put:

2 ½ cups Morton kosher salt
2 cups kibbled black pepper
½ cup sweet paprika
½ cup garlic granules
½ cup onion granules
½ cup dark brown sugar

Mix all ingredients together until well combined.
Apply the rub to your chosen protein evenly and let it sit for 20 minutes.
Place in smoker and let it do its thing!

Thanks Brad – we are salivating already. Yummo!

Brad’s Scotch & Smoke BBQ Pop Up is on Saturday 6 October.
They will be delivering a pop-up American-style BBQ featuring the mouth-watering Scotch & Smoke Box.
Serving from 5.30pm until sold out!
See here for more details.

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