3 On-Trend Beers To Try This International Beer Day!
August 2, 2018

Spring is less than a month away, the footy season is reaching its peak, the weather is getting warmer, and International Beer Day is on the 3rd of August, is well and truly established on the Northern Beaches. So, you could say all is well in the world!

This winter, we’ve been drinking plenty of stouts by the fire, the rich and full flavoured dark beer has been perfect with pub grub, such as oven-baked pies, bangers and mash and burgers. Now as the sun starts to rear its lovely warmer head, and spring is in the air, we are now getting into Hops, Pale Ales, IPAs, and craft beers from around the globe.

So here are three highly crushable, super juicy beers to get you started on your International beer journey!

1. Red Hook ESB (355ml)
Crafted in the USA, Red Hook ESB (which stands for Extra Special Bitter), is modelled after the premium Extra Special Bitters found in English pubs. This full-bodied amber ale offers toasted malt flavours and a pleasant finishing sweetness. Try with fries, grilled meats and pasta, or really surprise yourself and see how well it marries with cheeses.

2. Tuatara ‘Tomahawk’ American Pale Ale (330ml)
From New Zealand, try Tuatara ‘Tomahawk’ American Pale Ale. A beer that uses big, bold American hops, including the sharply named Tomahawk, to create a citrus orange flavour explosion. Upfront is a palate of citrus with pine notes, malt sweetness and a balanced hop finish. This is a perfect beer to try with tapas, tacos, hot dogs and pizzas.

3. Fixation IPA (330ml)
And lastly, we had to throw in a local Australian beer brewed in NSW. Although IPAs have been around for 150 years in one form or another, it wasn’t until craft brewers started using new world hops that the style really established itself. Using all American hops, Fixation have created a balanced, super clean, tasty American IPA (India Pale Ale) that pairs perfectly with fried chicken, steak and beef ribs.

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