12 Beers Of Christmas (2018)
December 6, 2018

Our 12 beers of Christmas are back for 2018!

We know we would all choose an Aussie Christmas over a white one… where else would you get to enjoy all these Christmas traditions with a cold one in hand?!

Lazy afternoons on the beach, street parties, neighbourhood Christmas lights, local Christmas carols, choosing a beer to leave for Santa, family Christmas lunches, recovery Boxing Day BBQs, or just catching up with a mate over the break!

To help satisfy your thirst and your Christmas spirit, here’s a roundup of our 12 favourite beers to enjoy this festive season!

1. Balter XPA

It might be pale but there’s nothing weak about this bad boy. Tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. Finished with a refreshing bitterness, this XPA is tailored for those who enjoy a fully-hopped beer that’s still easy to drink.

2. Brookvale Ginger Beer
With real Australian ginger, perfect for when you don’t feel like drinking beer or wine. The combination of the sweetness from residual sugars, and spiciness from the ginger, make it the ideal refreshing beverage. Complex yet simple, safe but dangerous, smooth yet sharp, tight but loose.

3. Modus Operandi Pale Ale
A rich golden coloured pale ale, dry hopped with Yakima Valley’s (Washington State) favourite heavy hitting hop, simcoe. This hop brings with it big aromatics of pine and citrus followed by a crisp finish.

4. Pirate Life Pale Ale
Loads of big US hops, full malty backbone and a characterful yeast. That is what this Pale Ale is all about. Enjoy as fresh as possible.

5. 4 Pines Kolsch
The guys at 4 Pines Brewing handcraft their beers around the corner in Manly. And they live for beer! A German-style golden ale that is light straw in colour. Aromas of lemon/lime prelude a light, malty palate. Finishing crisp and clean with hints of citrus and spice.

6. Panhead Quickchange XPA
XPA means Extra Pale, a product of Quickchanges lighter malt base. That delicate colour though is undercut by a glorious hit of alpha oils from Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra hops. Sometimes you don’t want a beer with more heft than a sumo wrestler. Sometimes those luscious notes of mango, guava, lychee and pineapple can be just the thing.

7. Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier
An all-natural Weissbier from Bavaria with a lush white foam. A golden copper wheat beer with aromatic fragrance and harmonious banana and citrus fruits.

8. Kona Longboard
A smooth refreshing lager fermented and aged for weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavour. A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.

9. Dad and Dave’s #1 Pale
Brewed right here on the northern beaches, this full-bodied pale ale crafted from Australian barley, English ale yeast, and New Zealand hops imparts a distinctive citrus-driven flavour with undertones of passionfruit. A natural fruity sweetness charms the palate, and the ale’s crisp, smooth finish lingers on the tongue, making this a memorable addition to the menu of any event.

10. Pacifico
A Mexican pilsner-style beer, with clean and hearty flavours makes this aromatic bevvie an exceptionally food compatible, and suitable, for a lot of different occasions. The bright golden colour of this pilsner with a lashing of lemon zest on the nose makes it a great summer beer. Enjoyed it well chilled.

11. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
Real dark chocolate and chocolate malt combined perfectly with Young’s award-winning rich and full flavoured dark beer to give you an indulgent, however not overly sweet experience.

12. Byron Bay Brewery Hazy Lager
It’s quenching, balanced and just a little fruity for maximum refreshment. This one is a hazy, straw coloured lager, loosely based around the Australian Lager. Take in the light fruity and floral aromas, and enjoy a little bitterness balanced by the biscuit-like malty notes that gives this beer a rounded fullness.

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