QuizXpress Trivia Sunday!
Sundays 6.30pm

Do you consider yourself a funster? A braniac?

Come and try our ALL NEW state of the art Trivia Quiz Game Show Entertainment that promises a night of fun and interactive entertainment!

Fun & interactive
Wireless buzzers
Live scoreboard
No pens, no paper, no cheating

QuizXpress is just like being in a real life TV quiz show like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. With state of the art multimedia capabilities, digital projectors and wireless keypads, QuizXpress is high-octane quizzing that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. The leader board display, creates a real sense of excitement as players get up to the second updates where they sit on the leader board creating a real buzz.

With QuizXpress you will play rounds and games such as:-
Fastest Finger – Only the team or person who presses the buzzer first and answers correctly gets the points.
Everybody Answers – All players or teams get to answer and everyone stands to lose or win points.
Last man standing – Players or teams are eliminated for answering incorrectly creating a real buzz.
Horse Race – When the horse race is played, the energy in the room goes to another level as everyone is on the edge of their seats as they wait in anticipation to see if the horse they selected wins. This is the team’s opportunity to win some big points!
Plus, throw in a Jeopardy round the Wheel of Fortune, Magic Cups, Fast Money and wager questions and you have an action packed evening full of nail biting moments.

QuizXpress Trivia Sunday!
Sundays 6.30pm
Dee Why Hotel
834 Pittwater Rd,
Dee Why NSW 2099

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