Beaches Best Burgers

Burger lovers rejoice! Wrap your mouth around our famous Trufflenator, or tuck into any of our other legendary burgers available.

The Famous Trufflenator*

Double beef patty, truffle mayo, truffle-infused provolone cheese, truffle maple syrup, bacon, American cheddar, onion rings, milk bun (gf*)

Korean Fried Chicken Burger

Fried & marinated chicken thigh, American cheese, kimchi mayo, peanut butter, pickles, coconut, lime & green chilli jam, lettuce, coriander, seeded bun

Master Pork Burger

Crispy master stock pork belly, sticky master stock glaze, chilli jam, slaw, sriracha mayo, prawn crackers, coriander

Cheeseburger & Chips

180g beef patty, Green Boy pickles, burger cheese, American mustard, smoked onion puree, roast onion mayo, milk bun (gf*)

Double BBQ Beef & Bacon burger

Double 100gm beef patty, double burger cheese, double bacon, double house BBQ sauce (gf*)

“K”entucky “F”ried “C”auliflower Burger

Buttermilk-fried cauliflower, slaw, ranch sauce, hot sauce, pickles, double cheese, milk bun (v)

*Not available with Tight Tues promo, or bottleshop vouchers.