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We love beer! And have 100 Beers, 34 on Tap, from 11 Countries and 63 Brewers, to prove it!
Famous on the Northern Beaches for our beer collection, are your tastebuds ready to go on a beer journey?

We also love cider! So work your way through our collection of local and international ciders, 18 ciders with 4 on tap.


Just Tapped

On the hunt for new and limited edition beers? Then our Swinger Taps are just for you!

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Region ABV
Byron Bay Hazy One Pale Lager NSW 4.4%
Lakeman Hairy Hop IPA NZ 6.3%
Furphy Refreshing Ale VIC 4.4%
Little Creatures Extra Pale Ale WA 6.5%
Panhead Pale Ale NZ 4.6%
4 Pines Kolsch NSW 4.6%
4 Pines Pale Ale NSW 5.1%
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale NSW 4.4%
Brookevale Union Ginger Beer NSW 5.0%
Balter XPA QLD 5.0%
Goose Island IPA USA 5.9%
Kona Longboard Lager USA 4.6%
Coopers Session Ale SA 4.2%

$15 Beer Paddles

With our 100+ beers, we are committed to helping you “Find The Brew For You”.

Beer paddles are the best way to kiss a lot of frogs and quickly find your prince/ princess. Pick any 4 tap beers and start your beer journey.